• Reminder: Trails are closed until after deer season.
  • Consult this site for official trail status.
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HVR News Feed

Snowmobile Safety Course November 4, 2023

There will be a snowmobile safety course at the Honeoye Public Library, 8708 Rt. 20A, Main Street, Honeoye, NY  14471.  The class starts at 8:30 AM and runs to 4:30 PM.  Please sign up for the course online through NYS Parks, Recration and Historic Preservation Snowmoible Ecucation.  Look for available classes and select the Honeoye Class for your training class.  You have to sign up online.  There are no other methods to do so.  

Trail Posting Update

I know everyone is getting itchy about riding but just remember not to head out until HVR posts the trail open.  We will need to check many of them out before opening which for the most part we have done on side by sides and work parties.  Hopefully a weather change coming and finally some much needed snow.

The trail to Locks Bar and Grill is closed for the season and likely forever as two lanowners have asked us not to use the trail anymore due to development of the land for deer hunting purposes.  We will honor that request.  You can ride to the top of South Hill and thats it.  People from South hill can still use the trail to get to Honeoye and other trails.

Stay tuned to the trail posting page when we get significant snowfall.


Scott Wohlschlegel 

Youth Snowmobile Safety Course

A Youth Snowmobile safety course ages 10-17 is being offered by Hill and Valley Riders, Inc. in Honeoye, NY at the Honeoye Public Library, 8708 Rt 20a in Honeoye 14471,  on Sunday, November 6th, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  Please go online to register at the following website.  All information pertaining to the course is on this website.


Lunch will be provided.  Bring a pen and pencil for the class.  A final test is given at the end of the course.

Scott Wohlschlegel and Jim Fyfe are the instructors

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