Groomed Trails = Better Riding.

SV301 and Bombi groomers.

HVR's old SV-301 groomer.

Sold in 2017.

HVR's new 1997 Tucker SnoCat

Grooming C4 through HHSP Dec 28th, 2017

New bridge at Locks and Filligree Inn

Thanks to all that helped, some being Pete Thompson, Scott Wohlschlegel, Brian Steenburn, Robbie Unger. Great job!

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Trail operating hours

The local laws for snowmobiling are the following. 

Roads and trails within the the Richmond and Canadice  township are restricted by law.  During the week snowmobiling needs to cease by 11:00 pm.  On weekends its 12:00 midnight. This law has not been enforced over the years but due to noise complaints from those that run modified exhaust on their sleds it has become an issue.

Some person riding last night started from Hemlock at around 1:45 AM and managed to come through Honeoye and wake up half the neighborhood.  Calls and text messages flew in.  This person headed out toward bloomfield.  The people are very concerned and upset with the noise and I don't balme them.  Why does it take this type of behavior to ruin everything that most of us work so hard to preserve.  I've written about this many times in newsletters that NOISE complaints and late night riding will be our demise.  If you want to preserve it, ride within the local law time guidelines and get the modified pipes off your sleds.  Common sense should prevail and snowmobilers should take it very slow and easy around houses and within the village limits.

Spread the word and share the trail operating times.  The police will be helping enforce it and writing tickets for modified exhaust.  Start taking responsibility so we can all enjoy our trail system we work so hard for.  Remember, landowners let us use their lands.  We are there by invitation only and with their permission.


C-4 Trail North Of Harriet Hollister Park Re Route

C-4 trail will be closed starting 1/18/18 just north of the Harriet Hollister Park parking lot due to the parking lot expansion. You will be able to cross a temporary bridge across the ditch to Canadice Hill Rd and run the side of Canadice Hill Rd to the park entrance. Turn into the park and go between the yellow gates to rejoin C-4. 

Trails open in HVR Riding area

All trails are now open.  Please be careful of running water and soft ground.  Don't tear up farmers fields due to soft ground. Groomers will be out also so caution is advised. There will be lots of people out so take great care.

Be advised the park HHSP likely has some winter events also.

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