• Reminder: Trails are closed until after deer season.
  • Consult this site for official trail status.
  • December Meeting & Potluck - Dec 13th @ 6pm
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HVR News Feed

High School Scholarship

Hill and Valley Riders Inc is happy to announce that we will be offering a $300 scholarship to help an eligible high school senior with college/university/trade school!
If you are eligible fill out the application https://forms.gle/8Ar4QM2dguzZEfZRA
If for any reason you need a paper copy of the application please email j.wohlschlegel@hotmail.com

All Trails are closed do to warm weather

To preserve snow and prevent damage to property and crops.  HVR is closing the trails until further notice.  If the weather cools back down we will assess the situation and make a decision on opening any trails if there is sufficient snow to open.

Trails closse 11:00 PM 2/23/2021.

Canadice Hill Road Land Owner Concerns and other areas

There are Landowner Concerns about snowmobilers encroaching further and further off the trail into peoples property on Canadaice Hill Rd and some landowners have let us know they don't appreciate it.  They have asked us to fix the issue by staying out near the road.  They allow us through the very front edge of their property but not around stone driveway pillars etc.  As snowmobilers, we need to be aware of that and not keep creeping into private property.  HVR will be addressing the landowner concerns in that area and marking off the area with post and NO Snowmobile signs and STAY ON TRAIL signs.  We ask that you please help with the problem by staying on trail, between the orange stakes where posted, or loose the trail.  Your choice!

Another reminder, if you are snowmobiling across peoples property to get to our trails, it is your duty as a snowmobiler or neighbor to get the landowners express permission to do so.  It is NOT the snowmobile club (Hill and Valleys Riders, INC) problem to address those type of issues.  Our club is reminding you to make sure YOU ask before you ride across private property to get to the Hill and Valley Riders, INC trail system.

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