• Reminder: Trails are closed until after deer season.
  • Consult this site for official trail status.
  • December Meeting & Potluck - Dec 13th @ 6pm
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HVR News Feed

Admin Positions Open

Meeting tomorrow, Thursday, February 17, Honeoye Fish and Game Club, 7:00 PM. 

Here are some positions that need to be filled and voted on March 2022. We will teach the incoming officers how to do the job, it is fun and we would love to have new people join our team! This list may be updated with more officer positions open depending. 



We still could use help with trail maintenance and signing up for a section of trail to put posts up at the start of the season and take them down at the end of the season. 

Trails closed look for updates based on weather conditions!

HVR trails are closed as of 7am on 2/16/22 to try to maintain a trail base thru the warm weather expected on Wednesday the 16th and Thursday the 17th. Stay tuned for trail updates on Friday morning and into the weekend to see if we are able to re open any sections of our trail system.

Trail Update Information

Some News and Reminders for Snowmobilers

1.  Law enforcement will be out this weekend on the trails.  Both NYSDEC, NYSDEC Forest Ranger and Livingston Co. Sherrifs Dept.  They will be checking for Registrations, Insurnace and Modified Exhaust beyond the stock 65 dbl rating.

2.  The snow amounts are not huge on the trails and grooming is very limited at best tring to pull snow in and re-format the trails.  You help is needed to preserve the trails by keeping excessive track spin down and taking it easy in the corners.  It's very hard to bring the snow back into the trail, especially when there isn't much to work with.

3.  STAY BETWEEN THE STAKES IN THE FIELDS.  It is a must, as we have many farmers that grant permission but insist on people staying within the stakes.  If not, we lose the trail, it's that simple. And one large farmer in the Honeoye Area isn't kidding!  Don't be the person that causes the trails to be shut down.  Too much hard work goes into preserving this right.

4.  Keep your sled speeds down and light on dim when in and around houses and residential areas.  You will see QUIET signs, that mean back off the throtle and keep the noise to a minimum.

5.  Be sure that YOU get permission from Landowners if you are riding to or accessing our trails.  It's not up to the club to do that for you.  There have been some cases where the landowner of large parcels of land where our trails are located are not happy with people coming to the trail system via other routes and have treatened to shut down the trail because of it.  ASK before you assume its just OK to tresspass without asking.

6.  Obey all stop ahead and stop signs whether at road crossings, parking lot areas or driveway crossings.  We've had a few near misses where some snowmobilers almost bit the dust.  You won't win agains a car or truck!


Other than these reminders, the season has been off to a relatively safe start with a few near misses.  Safe riding everyone!

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