HVR's new 1997 Tucker SnoCat

Grooming C4 through HHSP Dec 28th, 2017

The future of grooming for HVR

2000 Pisten Bully purchased from old Ski Valley

2018 New Bridge @ Sandy Bottom

Members of the Honeoye Varsity Cross Country team help put the finishing touches on the new bridge.

  • Reminder: Trails are closed until after deer season.
  • Consult this site for official trail status.
  • December Meeting & Potluck - Dec 13th @ 6pm
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HVR News Feed

Some Trails open on a LIMITED and SELECT basis

Some trail in the hills will be opened today on a limited basis.  Please refer to the trail status page.  Trails in towns such as Honeoye, Naples and Hemlock will remain closed do to lack of snow and good coverage to ride.  As you know, we ride on other peoples land so respect that your are crossing lawns, farmers fields where there may be wheat, alfalfa and other crops.  Great care must be taken.

Take Care of Your Sled

Looking for advice on how to make your snowmobile last longer?  A student, Lucas, decided to build a model of a snowmobile for a school project and came across this website for taking care of your sled. He wanted to share the link as part of his project with the club! 



Trail Use and When you See a barricade or yellow tape

Unfortunately, across the trail system in our area, we seem to have some snowmobilers that want to take it upon themselves to open trails, by taking down barricades during and after deer season.  Entering and riding trails that are not open yet.  People need to understand, that the local snowmobile clubs get the landowners permissions, then mark the trails and then decide when the trails open and close.  As a snowmobiler out riding around, it is NOT your determination or right to enter/open a trail that is stated closed, a barricade across it or yellow caution tape strectched across it.  It is there for a good reason.  It was noticed some snowmobilers took it upon themselves to go onto trails that were NOT open in the Honeoye area.  This is the quickest way to loose trails and destroy all the hard work that a snowmobile club Trail Coordinators and club members do mgetting landowners permissions and marking trails.

Honeoye had marginal snow conditions in town and North of 20A.  Trails were closed because of that.  The same went for S-41 that goes East, to South Bristol area off the East Lake road in Honeoye.  People tore down the tape and went riding anyway.  Total disregard for why the trail was closed.  Spread the word this type of behavior will not be tolerated.  Law enforcement will be seen in our area a lot more this year.  Perhaps a few $300-$500 fines will brighten people up.

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