Groomed Trails = Better Riding.

SV301 and Bombi groomers.

HVR's old SV-301 groomer.

Sold in 2017.

HVR's new 1997 Tucker SnoCat

Grooming C4 through HHSP Dec 28th, 2017

New bridge at Locks and Filligree Inn

Thanks to all that helped, some being Pete Thompson, Scott Wohlschlegel, Brian Steenburn, Robbie Unger. Great job!

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Harreit Hollester Spencer Park Rules that all need to remember

When Riding in Harreit Hollester Spencer Park (HHSP) please remember that the main trail in, C-4 to the over look and out to the South is a shared trail with X/C skiers and snowmobilers.  All come to enjoy the area but there are rules. 

There are signs posted and cones placed down the shared trail.  Skiers on one side and snowmobilers on the other. 

Going South into the Park snowmobilers stay on the right hand side of the cones as indicated by the signs and skiers on the left.

Coming from the South, snowmobilers would be on the left hand side of the shared trail and skiers on the right. 

The X/C Ski trail is goomed specifically for skiers with layed down tracks.

The snowmobile trail is a groomed wide snowmobile trail highway. 

Please all patrons follow the rules.




There will be no grooming today due to warm temperatures

Trails are Open

All Triails are open. 

A Bridge on the S-41 a sandy bottom trail has been lifted at by the town so great care must be taken if you go around the bridge, if it is at all possible.  Please take great care and remember trail operating hours in the townships are 8am-11pm Sunday- Thursday

8am-12pm Friday and Saturday.

These operating hours will be enforced by law enforcement AND they will be checking for modified exhaust, which can result up to a 300.00 fine.

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