HVR's new 1997 Tucker SnoCat

Grooming C4 through HHSP Dec 28th, 2017

The future of grooming for HVR

2000 Pisten Bully purchased from old Ski Valley

2018 New Bridge @ Sandy Bottom

Members of the Honeoye Varsity Cross Country team help put the finishing touches on the new bridge.

  • Reminder: Trails are closed until after deer season.
  • Consult this site for official trail status.
  • December Meeting & Potluck - Dec 13th @ 6pm
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HVR News Feed

Trail Update

The trails are open but limited for the most part.  Once the snow is compressed there isn't much body to it.  Grooming flatens the snow out to almost nothing which makes it hard to draw in and shape.  There were a lot of trees down on the trail system and limbs but we are slowly getting these removed as we go.

Take it slow.

S-41 at South Hill Rd., down to Lock Stock and Barrell is closed due to a large tree down on the hill.  The hill is also very icy and this snow just tend to make it very dicy going down.  Please keep out for now until the tree is removed and conditions are resolved.

Trail Status and Information you need to know

Stay tuned to this website for trail opening and closures.  Check trail conditions page as the snow fall adds up.  Please keep in mind that trails are marked for a reason.  Stay on the marked trails and don't venture off unless you have permission.  We've had landowner complaint last year where people rode in deer food plots.  For some landowners this is an issue and one that can close a trail if you ride in them so PLEASE pay attention.

Loud Pipe have been the other issue.  It's against the law number one and secondly, that has caused landowners issue and have closed trails accordingly.  Re-routes become impossible.  So, keep on the trail as they are posted and don't run loud pipes on our trails.  We don't want to have problems out of the shute.  Lastly there is a curfew for riding times.  During the week 8:00 am-11:00 pm Sunday-Thursday and 8:00 am-12:00 Midnight Friday and Saturday.  Those are the rules so please stick by them.  This was a result of loud pipes a year or so ago.  The next step will be trail closure according to some landowners. 

Thank you.


Scott Wohlschlegel

Remember, All Trails are closed until after Deer Season Ends

Just a reminder that all trails within the riding area are shut down regardless of snow until after deer season which includes muzzel loading and bow hunting.  Take this seriously because there are landowners out there that said they will close trail for good if they see tresspassers during the season. 

Some trails don't get marked till after deer season per the request of the landowners so look at our trail status online at this website before riding to see what section might be open.  DON'T assume the trails are open if we get snow.  Look at the trail status report.


Thank You


HVR Management Team

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