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HVR News Feed

Limited Trails are open. From Park South good snow, Valleys are bad.

I know everyone is excited about snow and getting out riding but we generally have low snow conditions most places.  The hills where C-4 and Harriet Hollester is the place to stay up and ride.

Just to let everyone know that from the Gun Club south on C-4 you can ride to the C-3 Connection on Pardee Hollow Rd.  The trail to Wayland is good until down on the flats to Wayland.  You can get to the food mart.  The trails are very thin iwith snow after Wayland Food Mart.  Reference Quad County for Trail condictions for South of Food Mart.

We only have light lake effect snow conditions and the best riding is on the hill.  The valleys have low snow conditions and snowmobilers need to stay out of Naples, Honeoye, Atlanta.  There just in not enough snow to ride all over.  

Tug Hill riding is good and I rode Varysburg Yesterday and from Warsaw West, that is good riding but thin in spots even there if you care to travel and trailer your sleds.

Please stay on trails and don't ride in low snow areas and create landowner issues or problems due to the low snow.  People don't want there properties tore up.  Stay in the hills please.




First Off Trail Complaint and trail closure of the season

Our first landowner complaint of the season.

Just wanted to update you that someone choose to go off trail and ride up by a landowners house off Maxfield Rd. and the landowner was extreamly upset and has decided to close the section of trail on his property.  This is a major piece  of trail that allows and enables snowmobilers to get down to Naples.  Thanks a whole lot to the snowmobiler who did this.  Thanks a lot for ruining all the hard work people in our club do, which happens to be me, the president of HVR.  I don't appreicat this one bit and I hope that whoever did this has the guts to go and appologize to the landowner.  

Now we can work hours, months or years to try to find a re-route.  When will people learn??

Stay on Trail of Stay at Home.

C-4 Trail from HHSP south is open on a limited riding condition basis.

Trails Are Open on a limited basis from Harriett Hollester Spencer Park(HHSP) to Pardee Hollow Rd.  Not sure about Quad County Trails so please check their website or online NYSSA trail App.  Be carefule as their is limited snow condictions and there could be some hazards on the trail such as trees and limbs.

Please stay on marked trails as you know, this has been an issue within NYS and clubs losing trails because people can't seem to stay on the marked trails.  

Remember, on C-4 main trail in the park skiers on one side of cones and snowmobiles on the other.  Watch your speeds..

There is not enough snow yet for off the hill riding in Naples, Honeoye or other valley areas.  C-4 and other club trail will be open on the Canadice Hill South.


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