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Groomed Trails = Better Riding.

SV301 and Bombi groomers.

HVR's old SV-301 groomer.

Sold in 2017.

HVR's new 1997 Tucker SnoCat

Grooming C4 through HHSP Dec 28th, 2017

New bridge at Locks and Filligree Inn

Thanks to all that helped, some being Pete Thompson, Scott Wohlschlegel, Brian Steenburn, Robbie Unger. Great job!

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Frequently-Asked Questions:

  1. How can I join the club?
  2. When are trails open?
  3. How do I get involved in the club and help out?

How can I join the club?

» You can join the club online (by using the NYSSA link on the left of this page), or by email or postal mail by using the form on the Membership page.


When are trails open?

» Trails are officially closed until at least after the end of deer season in mid-December. After that, weather and trail conditions will determine which trails are open. Your best bet is to always check the website (Trail Status page).


How do I get involved in the club and help out?

» The best way is to come to a club meeting, You can find out what's going on, when work is being done, and volunteer for whatever you think you can help with. There is also a contact form on the website that you can fill out to get in touch with the officers.


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